Sun, 19 Nov 2017 12:31:19 -0800

I make software.
AGPL3+ whenever I can get away with it.

Software is my art and craft,
it is entangled with my identity,
and I would call it my passion
if it weren’t also my day job.

I love my craft; I loathe my industry.

38, cis/het, married, liberal, atheist, dad. He/him. Southern California, USA.


extra words

Entries prefixed “blog” are messy stream-of-consciousness over-sharing that probably isn’t interesting or relevant to anybody. anything that’s good and/or useful, I intend to work up into its own non-“blog” article.

Entries prefixed “(wip)” are notes, hypotheses, unfinished ideas, rough drafts, etc. I mean really rough: I’ll often return to some notes for revision to find that the sentiment they convey is completely at odds with what I was trying to say in the first place. I might not even believe the things I was exploring in writing at that time. Some might even contain unfinished sentences that just

The rest are “articles,” I suppose, but it’s not like anything here has more than a modicum of revision and polish.

 Datestamp Length Title
2018.12.22 |      about this website
    .09.13 |||||| linux betrayed me
    .03.09 |||||| my magnum opus stalled out
    .01.23 ||     gendered
       .10 |      (wip) reject false progress
2017.12.13 ||||   (wip) why i like the kobo e-book reader
    .11.27 |      blog: on second thought, i don’t quit (yet)
           |||    #introductions
       .21 ||||   just don’t call me “straight”
       .19 |      what’s in a face
           |||    what’s in a name
       .06 |      blog: i quit
       .05 ||     blog: presence / Natalie / empathy
       .01 ||     blog: subversive use of failure
    .10.30 |      blog: overdue
       .23 |||    blog: it’s ok to lift when you’re fat
       .19 |      blog: failure silver lining
       .16 |      blog: fire me
    .07.22 ||     blog: following
       .10 |      blog: blissful apathy
           ||     blog: happiness cause-effect / therapy 2
    .06.20 |      blog: first therapy
2016.05.04 ||     no home but ~
2015.08.21 ||||   (wip) the author’s worldview matters
       .11 ||     (wip) “unfriendly” artificial intelligences

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