Welcome to my tilde page. I only recently went and got back into my tilde.town account, so I figured I'd update this. There's my regular site if you want to see my projects and/or contact information.

My biggest project so far has been Nova the Squirrel, an open source platformer game for the NES, meant to be a good starting point for other platformers as well. I'm also working on Tilemap Town (public server) which is a multiplayer collaborative map-making and chat/roleplay platform, also open source.

About me: I'm a furry (my fursona is a neon green squirrel princess) and my non-furry hobbies are mostly playing and developing video games. I like the challenge and fun that comes with making games for retro consoles, so many of my games are for them, but in general I just really enjoy platformers and puzzle games no matter the platform. Some of my big inspirations are Kirby Super Star, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Cave Story.

This page written with joe, my terminal text editor of choice. Hey joe!